What's on the menu?

Perfect for pre-dinner mingling, canapés are also ideal for a events such as cocktail parties, where there is no requirement for a main meal. They are also a suitable dining option when there is limited room at a venue for guests to sit down to eat.  We focus on providing succulent light bites, using only the finest ingredients.  

Smoked Salmon on Toasted Rye Bread.JPG
For 20 persons+  
Pre dinner Canapés  

From £9.00 per person for 5 canapés, 3 dishes on the menu.

Ideal choice instead of a starter so guests can mingle before sitting down.


From £24.00 per person enjoying 14 light bites each, with a choice of 7 dishes.  

Ideal for a party where there will be no main meal.


From £18.00 per person enjoying 10 light bites each, with a choice of 5 dishes.

Ideal for an early evening soiree.